I am a visual artist with a background in sculpture, graduating from A.N.U. in 2011. I am intrigued with material, and through the process of exploration, defining that material heightens my awareness and allows other ideas to transform and connect.

Growing up in the Canberra region, my fascination with the environment, especially the botanical world of plants excites my curiosity. By observing how living systems adapt, co-exist and survive manifests an awareness to connect more greatly with nature.

In the steel work, I see them as an alternate landscape. The material and colour combination give a feeling of a playful, fantastical world. Reflecting on the structure of plants, the way they sit, move, reach out suggests an abstract point of view within the steel. These works are intimidating in the strong linear shape, though light as they create space frames, somewhat like a drawing.

I am seduced by the unique flora of the A.C.T. Capturing the form and colour inhabits a lasting presence with the treatment of resin. I love the material of resin as a liquid form that changes from a watery substance into a hard, solid structure. The connection between the soft plant life and hardened resin that surrounds it, allows a sense of “frozen in time” or a preservation. Protecting a precious if not endangered species.

In the cross-breed works, there is a distinction between the different flowers, being sectioned by there colour. This is in relation to how I see my surrounding landscape. Observing native and introduced plants living together, the environment plays a role of what survives or takes over.

Underwater ecosystems are another type of environment. The spongy texture of coral and intricate complexity ignites a passion to explore certain components within these systems. The medium of white paper clay allows me the freedom to explore the material. Clay translates a quality in the work that suggests a type of environment. The material manifests itself by revealing a certain truth.

As oceans warm, the colourful world of coral has become less, and bleaching on the rise. The contrast of colour and whiteness in the clay works symbolizes a changing environment. Though the whiteness in the clay represents a dying system, this is a reflection  of needed change, to nurture our natural resources.